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Myobrace: Beautiful Faces without Braces

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Why are teeth crowded anyway?

Our teeth and jaws are supposed to be wide enough to accomodate all 32 teeth. However, after many, many years of environmental and nutritional changes, we have evolved into having collapsed jaws and longer faces. Our jaws and teeth benefit from a healthy diet including raw foods.

How do I know if my child needs help?

The child has any of the following symptoms:

  • snores
  • breathes heavily
  • breathes through his/her mouth
  • has crooked teeth
  • sucks his/her thumb
  • has trouble eating or biting
  • has stuffy noses and swollen tonsils
  • was bottle fed
  • used pacifiers for a long time
  • struggles to swallow
  • presses tongue against front teeth when swallowing
  • has sleep disordered breathing (apnea, sleep talking, restless sleep, sleep walking
  • irritability
  • poor concentration
  • learning difficulties

Why not wait until the child is old enough for braces?

Myobrace corrects the disfunction which creates negative stress and movement on jaws and teeth. It can be used as early as age 5 to help widen the jaws and train the lips, cheeks, and tongue to work together properly. Then the tongue will naturally widen the upper jaw and create room for the teeth. This natural approach has a positive effect on the airway and breathing, helping to prevent snoring and sleep apnea as we grow.

What is the Myobrace Rx System?

The Myobrace Rx System retrains lips, cheeks, and tongue muscles to function properly. It uses a series of removable mouth appliances which correct muscle function and naturally eliminate crowding.

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