Pennsylvania Natural Foods and Products

You are what you eat, and we believe that natural foods are healthier for everyone.

The compilers of this list do not guarantee, inspect, oversee, or control the quality or safety of the food and products supplied by the farms, producers, suppliers, and other businesses on this list. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide what to eat and where to get it. This list is provided as a starting point for people who are interested in buying real food and being informed consumers.

We feel that this food is of higher quality than that produced by the agribusinesses which dominate the United States food industry. In addition, buying food from the sources on this list supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

This list focuses primarily on farms local to central Pennsylvania.  The majority of the suppliers listed here are pasture-fed, free-ranged, hormone-free, chemical-free, and nutrient-dense. Some farms may have products available that are not listed here.  Inquire at the individual supplier or farm for complete product availability and information.

Additions or updates may be directed to pjn@halifaxdentistry.com.

Adams County

Allegheny County

Armstrong County

Beaver County

Bedford County

Berks County

Blair County

Bradford County

Bucks County

Cambria County

Centre County

Charlotte County

Chester County

Clarion County

Clinton County

Columbia County

Crawford County

Cumberland County

Dauphin County

Erie County

Franklin County

Fulton County

Huntingdon County

Indiana County

Juniata County

Lancaster County

Lawrence County

Lebanon County

Lehigh County

Luzerne County

Lycoming County

Mifflin County

Montgomery County

Montour County

Northampton County

Northumberland County

Perry County

Potter County

Schuylkill County

Snyder County

Somerset County

Susquehanna County

Tioga County

Union County

Wayne County

Westmoreland County

York County


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