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Our Mission:


Our goal is to deliver dental care of the highest quality, using materials and methods which are most conducive to the overall health of the patient.

We strive to produce work which is as attractive as it is functional.

We believe that dental care provided has to relate to the entire person.

We believe that dental health care practitioners should provide adequate information to their patients so that they may make informed choices that will enhance their personal health and wellness while feeling loved, accepted, and understood.

We believe that today's dentistry can be delivered comfortably and painlessly, that it should feel good, look good, and last a long time.  (Actually, the finished dentistry should look fantastic.)

We believe that early intervention of dental disease will keep patients more comfortable, save them from unnecessary pain, actually save money, save more teeth, and promote better long-lasting health throughout the body.


Halifax Dentistry, LLC
Pentti J. Nupponen, DMD, MAGD, FIND, CNC, FIAOMT
717-896-3911, 800-929-2844, www.drnupe.com


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